Learn Safe and Skillful Use of a Pleasure Craft

Instructor clinics


Instructor clinic modus operandi

The instructor clinic is hosted by one of the Association Sailing Schools with an Instructor Evaluator. Both the host school and Instructor Evaluator are appointed by the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association board.

The supervising IE will evaluate candidates' level of knowledge and practical ability, and only those who pass the Method of instruction will be eligible to proceed to the Instruction Clinic.

All the Instructor Clinics are conducted in two phases:

  1. Method of Instruction ( 2 days)
  2. Instructor Clinic ( 3 days)


Method of Instruction

The first two days are spent in a workshop focusing specifically on the teaching the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association way and working with adults. The Method of Instruction section can be taken before the Instructor clinic or in the preceding weeks prior to the date of Instructor clinic. If the Methods of Instruction are held prior to the instructor Clinic then this can be hosted by a school or IE in a venue other than the Sailing School appointed by the board to host the Instructor Clinic.


Instruction Clinic

The instructor clinic is held at the appointed Association School.

This instructor clinic session consists of a 3 days. This provides an opportunity to show and enhance your boating skills and is mainly spent on the water.